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... for the coaching and support you need to learn to invest, grow your income, & overcome debt.

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From the desk of Kristin Burton, PA-C:


I sat at my dining room table fighting the urge to vomit.

PA school hadn't prepared me for this...

No one had - really.

$161,000 in student loan debt was crushing me. I had just graduated and was waiting to start my first job.

I decided to add up my student loan debt... and  found myself near tears with a pit in my stomach.

I didn't know anything about investing or building wealth, so I just assumed that if I could clear my student loan debt all my money problems would go away.

Turns out that was wrong - but more on that later.

I went to WORK. Like 4-5 per diem jobs, in addition to my full time job.

I worked 80+ hours per week, and my husband and I lived off of $35-40K per year.

In 16 months, I was student loan debt free!!

Turns out, I still wasn't rich though.

It didn't take me long to figure out that I would need to learn how to build wealth in order to get what I actually wanted...

Control over my time.

So I started learning about investing in the stock market.

And quickly realized I would need to learn about minimizing taxes too...

Plus real estate investing...

And don't forget asset protection...

And what about building wealth for kids?

Pretty soon I was thousands of hours (and dollars) down the rabbit hole of learning HOW to build wealth.

The result --

We became millionaires at 31.

The best part?

The investing system we use for our daughter will make her an automatic multimillionaire.

I was able to reduce clinical hours, and we can freely travel.

(And let's be honest... after working through wave after wave of the pandemic in an ICU - I was ready to reduce hours!)

In fact, we head to Portugal & Spain in just a few weeks!

Learning how to do money the right way means getting to live NOW...

Not in my 70s when the social security checks kick in (we hope).

That's why the Millionaires in Medicine Club exists. 

I want you to have instant access to the things it took me years to learn... so you can hit millionaire status even faster than I did.

I will break down everything inside our community on this page.

Just don't get trapped in the idea that you can do this later.

You will blink and 5 years will pass, with you in the same place with money you are now.


Invest early & travel often,

- Kristin Burton, MPAS, PA-C, CAQ-HM


If you can relate to any of these statements, the Millionaires in Medicine Club is for YOU.

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Here's what you get when you join the Millionaires in Medicine Club:


The Millionaires in Medicine Fast Track Framework 


- Money Measurements That Matter

Steal my cashflow system...

Learn the key money metrics I track to make sure I am building wealth...

Implement the mindset tricks that actually work...

- Destroy Your Debt

The approach you take to student loan debt will MAKE OR BREAK you financially.

Learn how to pay off debt...

In what order...

And how to to split between debt & investing...

- Invest for Security

If you don't have investments, you won't have a safe financial future.

Simple as that.

You can't save your way to a stable retirement (let alone wealth)...

- Accelerated Wealth Building

Learn how to become a true DIY advisor, so you can save thousands of dollars in AUM fees...

This is one of the most valuable skills you can earn.

And will earn you more money than your degree in medicine ever will...

- Millionaire in Medicine Framework

Put it all together in a cohesive plan that nails down your:

Debt strategy

Critical cash reserves

Automated investing system.




Don't know how to invest?

We will teach you how to invest in index funds & ETFs.

You don't have to do risky stuff like pick winning stocks & trade options to build wealth... 


This course previously sold for over $1,000 BY ITSELF. It's worth every cent of that and more...

But you can get access for only $47 inside the club.


($1049 Value) 


Weekly Live Q&A Sessions with ME (Kristin)

Ever notice that something sounds like a GREAT idea to implement and super simple, until you actually go to do it?

Take the Backdoor Roth IRA for example... 

It sounds super simple, until you go to get started and a screen pops up that you're not sure what to click. Next thing you know, you've stopped in your tracks...

And nothing gets done!

With a weekly Q&A session, you get the chance to ask questions as you go - so you're not on an island. 

($1,999 Value)


The Vault

ON TOP OF the Millionaires in Medicine Fast Track Framework course, you will get access to TWO live events per month...

Featuring guest financial industry experts of all types...

So you can learn to 

- Pay less in tax, taught by CPA tax strategists

- Earn more money (ever wanted to be an expert witness or get into an industry position?!), taught by medical professionals already doing it

- Add real estate into your wealth building, taught by real estate investors

- Protect your assets, taught by attorneys


($1,799 Value for 20+ Hours of Content From Industry Experts)


24/7 Access to the Community

Worried your colleagues will think you're weird if you start doing money differently?

This community of medical professionals is just. like. you.

Network with other people building wealth and actually clearing their debt.

And ultimately make your coworkers wonder how you got so much further ahead on the same salary...

 ($299 Value)

Plus, these INCREDIBLE Bonuses to help you Earn More, Create Passive Income, & Pay Less to Uncle Sam (Legally)


Earn More Without Extra Shifts


How to create MORE income at your:

- Primary job by becoming a negotiations ninja

- With a side hustle (ca ching!)

- Cashflowing real estate 

... so you can increase your income without picking up shifts!

Become A Student Loan Savage


How to pay the LEAST on your student loans:

- Access to top student loan strategies from TWO certified student loan consultants

- Aggressive payoff plans AND opportunities for forgiveness

- 10% discount for an individualized consultation with a CSLP

... so you don't fall prey to the "work harder to pay it off" trap.

Stop Sending Half Your Income To Uncle Sam

Tired of half your income going to taxes? I was too.

Learn how to use strategies using real estate, side hustles, and more to minimize your tax burden - taught by CPAs!

... so 40-50% of your income doesn't go up in smoke.

How To Buy THE House, Despite Student Loans

How to buy a house in THIS market, with these interest rates, when you already have debt.

- How to plan the ideal house budget (*it's not what the bank says*)

- Use specialized loan products for medical professionals to get in for less

... so you can live where you want while still creating wealth.

Become A Master of Cashflow Levers

How to increasing investments without living on beans & rice:

- Learn the levers that change cashflow the most

- Intentionally spend on what brings you joy

- Stop stressing the Starbucks latte!

... so you can enjoy live WHILE building those assets!

Feel like you're working SUPER hard, but never really getting ahead with money?

Let's be honest...

The fee to join the Millionaires in Medicine Club is a drop in the bucket compared to what you get.

If you first use the Millionaires in Medicine Fast Track Framework to build a portfolio of $100K in three years...

And then use the Vault to start creating cashflowing real estate...

You can see it doesn't take long for you to end up financially free and living life on your terms. 

On top of that, the tax hacks inside this club ALONE could easily cover your membership for the whole year (essentially making your club admission free!

The real question is - what would you be willing to pay for going to work to be truly OPTIONAL?

A lot more than $47...

This is a no-brainer. 

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