Build wealth right after graduation, even with student loan debt. 

Do you feel like you will never be able to win with money because of your student loans?

I felt the same way. I didn't have a clue what to do with money after graduation. 

Now, my student loans are paid off. I'm 100% debt free with a multi six figure net worth - just five years into my career as a PA. 

This course will provide you with the tools you need to do the same thing. 

Learn how to start building your six figure net worth from the very FIRST paycheck.

This self-paced course includes:

  • MODULE 1: Tactics to negotiate the financial aspects of your first job negotiation well (Value $82)
  • MODULE 2: Strategies to tackle your student loans with confidence (Value $89)
  • MODULE 3: Tips to navigate those big life purchases, like car and house, well (Value $47)
  • MODULE 4: Advice on determining if your money should be going towards debt or investing (Value $39)
  • MODULE 4: Introductory investing know-how (Value $79)
  • BONUS video included for those pursuing residency or fellowship (Value $20)
  • BONUS video on using the COVID19 federal student loan benefits to your advantage (Value $22)
  • BONUS video on medical malpractice insurance pearls (Value $18)
  • BONUS module on breaking through limiting money beliefs (Value $27)
  • BONUS compilation of additional resources to deepen your dive into personal finance (Value $21)

You can get all that for just $464 $79!

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If you're a new graduate, or soon-to-be graduate, you've worked HARD to get where you are today. You've already shown you are intelligent, motivated, and able to stay focused on your goals - the fundamentals required for success with money. You just need the tools to learn how to do it!


I graduated from PA school in 2016 with $161,000 in student loan debt, no savings, and no idea where to start. I struggled my way through finding a method that would work. Ultimately, I was able to

 - Pay off that $161,000 in student loan debt in 16 months

- Pay off our mortgage by age 29

- Invest enough money each month that we will be able to retire in our mid 40s, if desired



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Start your new career with a plan in place to manage your loans & build wealth.


Common Questions:


 How long will I have access to the course material?

You will have indefinite access to the course after enrollment and can complete it at your own pace.

Does this course cover public student loan forgiveness, refinancing, and consolidation?

Absolutely. This course discusses all the most common strategies for student loan payoff.

Should I join if I haven't graduated yet?

The entire first module is about job negotiation. If you plan to look for employment while you complete the final portion of your training, I would enroll now!

Is this course about investing in the stock market?

Although this course gives a great introduction to investing, the Invest for Your Freedom Masterclass provides the deepest dive into this material.

What if I don't find the course helpful?

A 100% refund is available if the course is not to your satisfaction within 5 days of receiving access to it, with written explanation.


What current course members are saying: 

"It’s really quality content and is worth more than I paid!"

"I'm a physician assistant who graduated in December 2018. In October, I’ll be student debt free! My boyfriend is starting residency next year also. This course has been extremely relevant for the both of us."

"I found it particularly helpful for tips for paying off your student loans."

"GREAT! Information! I really learned a lot. I am starting PA school in October and will be coming out with A LOT of debt. This helped so much and can’t thank you enough for the info!"


This course is meant for educational purposes. This does not constitute legal, tax, or investment advice. Consult a professional for more assistance. As always, investing is at your own risk.