Graduating with lots of debt and no clue where to start?!

If you're a new graduate, or soon-to-be graduate, you've worked HARD to get where you are today. You've already shown you are intelligent, motivated, and able to stay focused on your goals - the fundamentals required for success with money. You just need the tools to learn how to do it!

Although the training programs in the world of healthcare are excellent at teaching us how to do a job, and thus how to earn money, very few of us graduate with any knowledge on how to make money work for us!

I graduated from PA school in 2016 with $161,000 in student loan debt, no savings, and no idea where to start. I struggled my way through finding a method that would work. Ultimately, I paid off that $161,000 in student loan debt in 16 months and am now investing my way to financial independence. 

This course was created so you could have all the resources you need in one place. Let this be your introduction to all things personal finance, and start your money journey with a leg up.


Learn What To Do with Money From The FIRST Paycheck


This course includes:

  • Negotiate the financial aspects of your first job well
  • Tackle your student loans with confidence
  • Navigate those big life purchases (like car and house) 
  • Discover ways to determine if your money should be going towards debt or investing
  • Learn the basics of investing
  • BONUS video included for those pursuing residency or fellowship
  • BONUS video on using the COVID19 federal student loan benefits to your advantage
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How It Started - 2016

  • New graduate
  • $161,000 in student loan debt
  • Minimal savings
  • Mortgage
  • No investments

Let Me Show You How

How It's Going - 2021

  • Student loan debt paid off in 16 months
  • 6 month emergency fund saved
  • Mortgage paid off 
  • Investing over 50% of pay, with plans to be able to retire in mid 40s if desired

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