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 The Healthcare Professional's Financial Freedom Framework ebook 

- Tips for revamping your money mindset so that you can attract wealth into your life, and focus more on the things that matter 

- A quick-start to budgeting in a way that will allow you to maximize your income and have more to put towards getting rich

- The account types you need to open today to have an automated plan, so you can build wealth and pay off debt with more free time 

- A pathway to invest that allows you to pay less in taxes and create maximal wealth, so you can retire with abundance

- When to put money towards debt versus investing, and how to create a debt management plan that brings peace into your life

- The insurance policies every healthcare professional should carry to protect yourself at work and in your personal life

- Additional resources to learn more about personal finance



Training on How To Budget in <47 Minutes Per Month, In A Way That Doesn't Make Your Life Suck

I've talked to thousands of healthcare professionals about money, and I can usually tell within the first 5 minutes of the conversation who will win with money - and who won't. Financial organization and consistent budgeting is a keystone financial habit. This training will allow you to budget in a way that allows you to get on with living your life.

*Computer not included

$67 Value


Audio compilation of strategies from people who have crushed their students loans.

This audio complication will:

- Provide you the motivation you need to attack your own student loans

- Provide you with strategies that will work, including loan forgiveness plans


$49 Value


Per Diem Jobs for Medical Professionals Handbook

Learn how to use per diem work to temporarily increase your income. This covers:

- How to find per diem positions

- What to look for in the contract

- What insurance coverage you need

- And more

 Value $26


Debt Free Essentials

This video covers the essential mindset hacks I used to pay off $161,000 in student loans in 16 months. Working per diem jobs, in addition to my regular job, was an emotional grind. Here's how I did it while avoiding burnout as much as possible.

*Tablet not included

Value $59

Hi, my name is Kristin Burton. I'm a pulmonary/critical care PA married to my high school sweetheart. 

We are millionaires at 31!

Our house is paid off, both cars were bought in cash, and we are student loan DEBT FREE. We are on track to have the option to retire in our 40s if we want!


It didn't start that way. In 2016 I had $161,000 in student loan debt. We had a mortgage, minimal savings, and no idea how to invest. I drove a $4,000 Chevy Cobalt, and we could barely afford a Florida vacation. 
I'm a PA, not a cardiothoracic surgeon, so you know I don't have a million dollar per year income. The only reason I was able to do this is because I learned how to create a personalized money plan, and then automate it.  


I spent YEARS struggling to learn how to win with money on my own. My purpose now is making sure you don't have to endure the same lonely journey I did!
These money strategies will teach you the fundamentals behind the framework you need to create a plan that will work for you.
We all have different life situations and goals. The same plan won't work for everyone. Gain the knowledge you need to create your own individualized path to wealth with this framework.

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1,000+ healthcare professionals are winning with this value packed offer. But, this deal can't last forever. 

I love you guys and want to improve the lives of as many healthcare professionals as humanly possibly. That's the mission for this company. That being said, I can't continue to give all these products away for free forever.

So what's the catch? 

There isn't one! My hope is that by adding tons of value to your life, you will come back and do business with me again.

In fact, I feel so confident that this Ebook and pack of bonus products will improve your financial life that I'm offering a 100% guarantee.

If you don't like the product collection and you let me know within 7 days of purchase, I will refund your money. 


I'm so excited to bring this offer to you.

This is an absolute no-brainer price for all the bang for the buck you get. Not only do you get the Healthcare Professional's Financial Freedom Framework, you also get training on Budgeting In <47 Minutes Per Month, Debt Free Essentials Video, Guide to Per Diem Jobs to increase your income, & Student Loan Success Stories Audio Compilation. 

In combination, these tools will be the foundation that allows you to completely change your money trajectory. Get on the path to wealth. Create financial security. Find peace. Give your self the option to leave work early (or take breaks to combat burnout). And completely change the future of generations to come in your family. 

Remember, there's a 100% guarantee and absolutely no downside. 

I hope this content inspires you and changes your life.

Talk soon,

Kristin Burton

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