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Keep Your Chin Up

debt Aug 31, 2020

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The process of paying off debt is usually a long one. It is a journey that is both physically AND emotionally exhausting. You may be working extra hours, going without things you were used to enjoying, and even dealing with the opinions of those around you who don't understand why you are doing what you are doing. I felt ALL those same things. Here are a few tricks I used to keep myself feeling positive and motivated along the journey. 

1. Celebrate each small win
- This doesn't have to be an expensive celebration! Go get ice cream. Dance around the house. Jump up and down. Post it on social (make sure to tag me @strivewithkristin so I can celebrate with you!). Even if you just paid off a $2000 credit card balance and you have $50,000 more to go, it is still an accomplishment and it is worth celebrating!

2. Find something motivating to listen to every day
- I have a long list of "things that motivate me" that I can listen to whenever my mood is in a slump. Some of mine include Tony Robbins youtube videos, Rachel Hollis podcasts, motivational speeches playlists on Amazon music, Dave Ramsey Everyday Millionaire theme hours, etc. If you're struggling with motivation, find something to listen to that motivates you and have it become your new commute entertainment!

3. Be selective about who is in your circle
- We become the five people we spend the most time with! ESPECIALLY when you are trying to accomplish a new goal or do something big, make a purposeful effort to put people in your circle who will encourage you. I'm not saying never talk to Becky again, but maybe spend less time talking to Becky and more time talking to Pam. 

3. Practice daily gratitude
- I kept a daily gratitude journal for a lot of the process. The simple act of writing down 3-5 things you are thankful for each day helps keep your mindset focused on all the things you DO have, and shift your thoughts away from the things you are waiting to purchase. This can be anything from the delicious cup of coffee you had that morning to the way your kiddo looked at you when you came home that evening. I think this practice is generally life changing!

4. Plan a MEGA reward for yourself when you're done
- For the student loan payoff, our mega reward was a huge vacation. When I had down time I would peruse Pinterest dreaming of all the amazing places we could go. I changed my mind about a million times, but THINKING of the reward and TALKING about how great it was going to be made me that much more motivated and excited to continue my journey! Make sure you pick something super awesome to celebrate your huge accomplishment when it is all said and done. Hang up photos on your fridge and talk to your friends about it. Use it as a way to remind yourself just how happy you will be that you made the effort to complete the journey. 

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